Smoke of Battle

Fifth Infantry Regiment March

by Private David Ichelson

When the smoke of battle clears you will always find us there.

Where the burial detail comes and the chaplain leads a prayer.

We are soldiers of the Fifth, from Tippocanoe to Herg.

We are always on the point for the land that we hold dear.

There are safer lines of work; would you rather walk than ride,

and be shipped home in a sack with what's left of you inside?

We rode the Forty and the Eights, we have fought at Lundy's Lane.

We have fought tough Captain Jack, and Chief Joseph of the Plain.

From the Battle of the Rhine, to the Russians on the Steyr,

Fighting Wermacht and S. S., when all Europe was on fire.

For the country that we love, just to keep us always free.

You will find us on the point, the old Fifth Infantry.
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