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Purpose & Values
Purposes of this Association
  • To carry on in mind, spirit, and deed the values and traditions instilled in us as members of the 5th Infantry of the 25th Infantry Division.
  • To provide support to our members and their families.
  • To foster our fellowship through organized meetings, reunions, and distribution of information.
The Association stands for:
  • Steadfast devotion to the principles upon which our country was founded.
  • The high standards and ideals set by our Army.
  • The determined and aggressive spirit of our fighting 25th Infantry Div.
  • The ever-present team work that has carried the 5th Infantry of the "Tropic Lightning" to victory.
  • The perpetuation of the unselfish friendships formed in combat.
Benefits & Opportunities
Every member of the 5th Infantry Regiment Association gains:
  • A personal account within our website. This provides an easy way to: find other members, send direct messages to another member, and customize your profile. No apps or Facebook required!
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Membership roster of names, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Member names and email addresses
  • Frequent email updates with Association, Regiment, Division and reunion news
  • Membership card
Qualifications &
Pricing Options
Can I become a member?
Soldiers & Veterans: If you are/were a member of the 5th Infantry Regiment, and would like to rejoin your unit, you have found the right place. We are the 5th Infantry Regiment Association, and we need a few good soldiers to fill the ranks of the finest chapter in the US Army.
Associate Members: We also offer an associates membership to those that were a family member of a veteran that was in the 5th Infantry Regiment. Associate members share the same dues as regular members do.
What are the membership costs?
If you would like to become a member, the dues and how long each due lasts are listed below. The prices of the "Lifetime" options are based on your age when you paid for your Lifetime membership.
Active Duty
$5 for 1 year
1 Year
$15 for 1 year
2 Year
$25 for 2 years
5 Year
$60 for 5 years
Lifetime if less than 50 years old
Lifetime between 50 and 64 years old
Lifetime if 65 years or older