5th Infantry Regiment Association Photo Gallery

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Hospitality Room208 viewsWillie and Jack Czilli
Hospitality Room240 viewsJack Czilli, William "Doc" Freeman, and John "Andy" Anderson
Hospitality Room269 viewsWillie Czilli and Terri Tringali
Hospitality Room296 viewsAlex Bubas, Joe "Doc" Tate, Jim Petree, Venicio (Benny) Martinez, James "Dusty" Edwards, and kneeling, William "Doc" Freeman
Taken a break249 viewsJohn Johnson, Steve Barton, and Mike Atherton
Hospitality Room239 viewsRoberto Garcia and Jose Guerra, talk with Denise and David Reid outside the Hospitality room
Hospitality Room293 viewsL- R Venicio (Benny) Martinez, Jack Czilli, Denis McDonough, Roger "Smitty" Smith, William "Doc" Freeman, James "Dusty" Edwards, and John "Andy" Anderson Bravo company proud members of the Christmas Platoon
Hospitality Room229 viewsFred Deverse and Jim Bechtel review the lastest newsletter mailed just prior to the reunion
Hospitality Room235 viewsL- R Jeremy Reed, Fred deverse, John Mavon Jr. and John Mavon
Hospitality Room233 viewsRoger "Smitty" Smith and Merriweather Jones
Hospitality Room221 viewsMG Andy Anderson shares words of wisdom and encouragement with Jeremy Reed as deployment to Iraq is days away
Memorial Service men of B Company 1970434 viewsL- R Ralph Laubecher, Don Warkentin, Bart Stanzione, Randy Kethcart, Mel Barnes, Ted Westermen, Mike Mathis, Bill Silva, and Roger Sperl
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