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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
Albert Louis Lazzarotto
PFC Lazzarotto died in Tay Ninh, South Vietnam on 9/11/1968 during the Vietnam War - Ben Cui as a member of Alpha Company . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Gun, Small Arms Fire'. Lazzarotto originated from River Grove, Illinois .
On September 11, 1968, at 0145 hours, Dau Tieng Base Camp started to receive a barrage of 11 mortar rounds. Company A was in a night perimeter at XT 437451, located about 300 meters west of the Ben Cui Air Strip. The Company C night perimeter was located at XT 463448, about 1000 meters southeast of Company A. At 0425 hours, Company A started receiving mortar, RPG and small arms fire. They did sustain an unknown number of wounded in the initial contact. An enemy ground assault was also launched against the company perimeter. A helicopter LFT was on station at 0435 hours. At 0444 hours, Company C fired mortar illumination over Company A. At 0509 hours, Company C was alerted to be ready to move dismounted to Company A’s location. At 0533 hours Company A reported that they were receiving mortar and small arms fire from the south. At 0542 hours, Company C was ordered to maneuver to prevent enemy movement to the northeast. The Recon Platoon was dispatched to relieve Company B providing security at the bridge site on the Saigon River. At 0545 hours, Company B was ordered to prepare for air deployment. At 0600 hours, Company A reported that they were receiving more fire from the northwest. At 0611 hours, Company C reported that their lead element was pinned down by heavy sniper fire and that they had some wounded. At 0630 hours, Company C reported that they were fighting off an assault on their position from the west. Airstrikes with napalm were utilized as well as helicopter gunships. At 0745 hours, Company B was air inserted at XT 454434 and then proceeded north toward the Ben Cui Airstrip. Company A, 3/22 Infantry was flown in from Tay Ninh to an LZ to the north at XT 440463. At 0711 hours, the Dust-offs for Company A, 1/5th(M) were complete. At 0833 hours, Company C was instructed to move from their night perimeter due west. At 0905 hours, Company C established a blocking position and Company B swept towards them. At 1100 hours, Company A, 3/22nd Infantry was extracted from the area. Company B swept through the Ben Cui Village and then joined Company A, 1/5th(M) and helped in policing the area of VC bodies and equipment. It was estimated that the attacking enemy force had been near battalion size. At 1635 hours, Company A closed Dau Tieng Base Camp. Company B established their night perimeter at XT 438451, where Company A had been the night before.