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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
David Gene Isbell
1LT Isbell died in South Vietnam on 2/14/1968 during the Vietnam War as a member of Charlie Company . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Multiple Fragmentation Wounds'. Isbell originated from Huntsville, Texas .
On February 14, 1968, The battalion conducted RIF operations. Company B and Company C worked the area east of Hoc Mon. Company A worked the area 6 kilometers south of Hoc Mon. Companies B and C began blowing bunkers they encountered in their respective areas and discovered VC bodies, weapons, equipment, and a number of US weapons and documents. At 1210 hours, Company C reported light contact with an unknown sized enemy force 2 kilometers northeast of Hoc Mon. The fight escalated and an APC from Company C was hit by an RPG and caught fire. Company C requested a dust-off for 3 wounded Bobcats at 1344 hours. At 1436 hours they reported one Bobcat killed. Company B and the Recon platoon reinforced the Company C elements. At 1631 hours, a dust-off was requested for three more wounded Bobcats. At 1800 hours, tank cannons and artillery were fired to cover an attempt to extract wounded from the contact area. At 1823 hours ,Company C requested a dust-off. Two wounded and one dead Bobcat were placed on this dust-off. At 1855 hours, Companies B and C set up a perimeter. All the wounded were dusted-off. At 2006 hours, it was reported that 6 Bobcats from Company C and one Bobcat from Company B were known to be dead, but that the bodies of six of them had not yet been recovered.