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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
Thomas John Loback
CPL Loback died in Gia Dinh, South Vietnam on 2/19/1968 during the Vietnam War as a member of Charlie Company . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Multiple Fragmentation Wounds'. Loback originated from New York, New York .
On February 19, 1968, at 0748 hours, the Recon Platoon departed the night base to conduct a RIF of the area along the Cau Sang River, north west of Hoc Mon. At 0800 hours Company B and Company A, 2/34th Armor departed to conduct a RIF of grid 8005. Company C remained at the base as battalion reaction force. At 0900 hours the Recon Platoon had one Bobcat shot in the leg by sniper fire. Three tanks from Company A, 2/34th Armor left Company B and started towards the Recon Platoon area with Company C. At 1052 hours, the Recon Platoon received machine gun fire at XT 768053. At 1134 hours, one APC from Recon was hit by an RPG round and they started receiving small arms fire from their front and rear. One Bobcat had to be dusted off as light fire teams suppressed the fire. At 1421 hours, Recon requested a dust-off for a Bobcat who lost his hand while loading a mortar tube. Company B started closing the area of contact also. At 1539 hours, Company C requested a dust-off for 7 wounded Bobcats. At 1637 hours, Company C requested another dust-off for 4 wounded Bobcats. By 1708 hours one platoon from Company C had been pinned down and was extracted after three attempts to attack and overtake the enemy position at XT 768050. The VC were well dug in with automatic weapons and RPGs covering a 100 meter front. Four Bobcats were confirmed dead and had to be left when the platoon was extracted. Two were from Company C and two were medics. Company B then attacked on line in an attempt to recover the dead Bobcats. One body was recovered and two more Bobcats from Company C were wounded and dusted-off. All units pulled back to the night base by 1915 hours. Air strikes were called in on the area of contact.