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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
Rene Serrano
PFC Serrano died in Tay Ninh, South Vietnam on 8/19/1968 during the Vietnam War - Ben Cui as a member of HQ-Recon Platoon . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Gun, Small Arms Fire'. Serrano originated from New York, New York .
On August 19, 1968, A Company, 1/5th(M) was dispatched with B Company, 4/23 (M) to assist A Troop, ¾ Cavalry who were ambushed while moving from Cu Chi to Tay Ninh on Highway 26. B and C Companies with a Recon Platoon were sweeping the area on the western edge of the previous day's engagement. At 1225H, B Company made contact with an unknown size enemy force. C Company and the Recon Platoon joined B Company in the fight. Artillery, air strikes and helicopter gun ships were called in for support. The units made two assaults on the enemy position before they were able to move through it and the enemy broke contact. The units headed back to Dau Tieng Base Camp after sweeping the area of contact. B Company was dispatched to front towards Tay Ninh on Highway 239 to meet a Platoon from the ¾ Cavalry, who were enroute to Dau Tieng and then to escort them to Dau Tieng. B Company received some enemy fire as it moved west on highway 239. After linking up with the ¾ Cavalry element, they started their return trip to Dau Tieng. At approximately 1828 Hours, the Recon Platoon received fire from the south side of Highway 239. At approximately 1833H, B Company received hostile RPG fire in the area of Highway 239. At approximately 1843H, one APC was reported hit by RPG fire shortly after the units had entered the rubber trees . Another APC and a tank were also hit in the same area. The units fought their way east and where Highway 239 turns north, another tank was hit by RPG fire. A little further north two more APCs were hit. The units had to leave one tank and one APC on the highway. They were too badly damaged to tow. With the help of helicopter gunships and artillery the units made their way around the curve to where Highway 239 heads in an easterly direction. They took some fire at the curve, but once past it, the enemy contact ceased. The units closed Dau Tieng Base Camp at approximately 2050 hours. During the day, 9 soldiers from B Company were killed. A Company had 2 soldiers wounded. B Company B 43 wounded and C Company had 20 wounded. The Recon Platoon had 3 wounded. The platoon from ¾ Cavalry had 13 wounded and 1 killed. Four APCs from B Company were heavily damaged and two tanks from the ¾ Cavalry were out of action.