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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
Johnnie Reese Godwin
1LT Godwin died in Hua Nghia, South Vietnam on 11/29/1968 during the Vietnam War as a member of HQ-Recon Platoon . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Multiple Fragmentation Wounds'. Godwin originated from Montgomery, Alabama .
On November 29, 1968, at 0750 hours, an APC from the Recon Platoon detonated an AT mine on Highway 7A, 2 kilometers north of the Highway 1 junction. The vehicle overturned trapping one Bobcat underneath. This Bobcat was killed and another one was wounded. Two South Vietnamese Soldiers were also injured in the blast. The APC was written off as a combat loss. At 0920 hours, the Recon Platoon started moving south. At 0940 hours, a command detonated Claymore Mine was exploded against an APC. Two Bobcats were wounded by the blast. The platoon then started to receive sniper fire, which was returned with 50 caliber fire. The two wounded Bobcats were dusted-off. The helicopter came under small arms fire as it lifted off out of the area. At 0959 hours a command detonated mortar round was set off against members of the platoon. Initially one Bobcat was killed and three were wounded. At 1005 hours, Companies B and C started moving toward the contact area. A Dust-Off helicopter set down for the three wounded. As it touched down, what was believed to be a mine, exploded, killing one Bobcat and wounding four others. At 1410 hours, a dust-off was requested by Company A for one wounded Bobcat. A VC threw a hand grenade from a spider hole, causing the injury. Company A worked the area and killed three VC. One of the Bobcats from the Recon Platoon who was wounded earlier, died from his injuries. One platoon from Company B was assigned to provide security for FSB Stuart. One Platoon from Company C was assigned to Cu Chi Base Camp for the night.